How to plan for an early retirement

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(6 Ratings)

For many entrepreneurs on the small business treadmill, early retirement can feel out of reach. Considering your future while running your enterprise is key to transforming your dreams into an achievable reality. If you want to retire in your 50s, it's essential that you take action now ...

Five ways to keep work-related stress in check

in Lifestyle by Nick Petrovic
(9 Ratings)

Stress is not only an inevitable part of business, it's also an important and beneficial one. Stress lets us know that a challenge is ahead, gets us moving and boosts our productivity. That being said, when work-related stress reaches a level that begins to interfere with normal functioning, it's time to step back and take action ...

4 very good reasons to NOT eat lunch at your desk today

in Lifestyle by Kathleen Aoki
(21 Ratings)

We've all done it. Mindlessly munching away in our offices while we check emails, watch YouTube videos, or worse, use the time to catch up on work as we inhale the cold, soggy sandwich we threw together at 6am. While it's often easier to eat lunch at your desk, we all need a break from the routine sometimes. Indeed, here are 4 very good reasons to NOT eat lunch at your desk today ...

Where famous business entrepreneurs go for their holidays

in Lifestyle by Jonathan Crossfield
(6 Ratings)

When your daily life already involves travelling the globe for business, the question of where to go on holiday must be less exciting than it is for the rest of us. For many famous business entrepreneurs, most major airports must seem like part of the office ...

Six ways to overcome procrastination

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(18 Ratings)

Whether you're shirking that project deadline or avoiding that promising lead, nothing kills an upward career trajectory quite like procrastination. In fact, the tendency to put off tasks can do more than dent your credibility - it can wreak havoc with your confidence and hamper long-term success. Sadly, business owners that posses a tendency to procrastinate risk important opportunities while compromising skill development and professional growth. Here are six ways to kick the habit for good ...

Why all entrepreneurs should play sport

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(0 Rating)

Are you too busy juggling clients to put your athleticism to the test? It might be time to consider the way sports can fast-track your business success. It's no secret that entrepreneurs who swap desk time for an athletics field can reap all kinds of professional gains. Sports can offer lessons in everything from team building and strategic thinking to the art of going it alone. Here are five reasons why every entrepreneur should play sport ...

The world's top bosses (and what to learn from them)

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(2 Ratings)

It's not easy being the boss. A few decades ago, CEOs might have needed sparkling leadership skills and a knack for growing profits, but these days creativity, innovation and the ability to inspire are just as vital to business success ...

How to stay fit when there's little time to exercise

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(6 Ratings)

If you're punching a 24/7 clock, you'll know that regular exercise can feel like a distant dream. Making an effort to stay fit, however, often adds up to serious wins in terms of professional focus and productivity. Luckily, you don't have to sacrifice hours out of your workday to make exercise part of your daily routine ...

Four business lessons you can learn from a five-year-old

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(3 Ratings)

Think logic and a hard-nosed attitude is the secret to entrepreneurial success? You might want to swap the business books and spend some quality time with the five-year-old in your life. Children often possess the optimism, creativity and relentless curiosity that are essential for scaling new professional heights - making an active effort to think like a child can work magic for your company as well as your bottom line. Here are four valuable lessons you could learn from a five-year-old ...

Quick ways to improve your memory

in Lifestyle by Neha Kale
(3 Ratings)

It's common knowledge that a sharp mind can foster agile decision making - the key to competitive edge. If you don't make an effort to improve your memory, it can wreak havoc with your productivity and stunt your business success. Whether you commit to jotting down facts in a journal or make an effort to get more sleep, supercharging your memory may not be as difficult as you think. Here are six ways to banish memory loss for good ...

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