Quick ways to improve your memory

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Improve your memory

It's common knowledge that a sharp mind can foster agile decision making - the key to competitive edge. If you don't make an effort to improve your memory, it can wreak havoc with your productivity and stunt your business success. Whether you commit to jotting down facts in a journal or make an effort to get more sleep, supercharging your memory may not be as difficult as you think. Here are six ways to banish memory loss for good

Ritual effect

Cultivating regular habits can ensure you forget things less quickly. For instance, if you resolve to file vital documents away in the same places, you're less likely to spend hours attempting to track it down. Embracing the power of ritual can work wonders for your self-awareness - a benefit that reaps personal and professional dividends.

Sleep sensation

Sleep deprivation can hinder your ability to improve your memory, but it can affect your concentration levels as well. That's why a good night's sleep is an investment in both your productivity and your mental health. Make an effort to get seven to nine hours worth of sleep a night and notice your ability to recall facts sharpen and soar. It's a small lifestyle change that can have a big impact on your professionalism by putting chronic forgetfulness to rest.

Story time

Whether you commit a key business principle to memory via an acronym or weave a narrative around statistics that you need to apply in your professional life, storytelling provides all-important context to bring latent memories to light. If you turn important information into a story, your recollection of key facts will be much quicker. Invoking the power of narrative isn't just for children - it can also help business owners gain a head start.


It's no secret that regular meditation can foster greater wellbeing, but did you known that it can boost your memory levels as well? According to a July 2013 article in The New York Times, weekly meditation leads to greater levels of mindfulness - an attribute with benefits for memory, productivity and leadership abilities.1

Channel your inner reporter

Recording facts, figures and observations in a notebook may seem tedious, but its benefits far outweigh the costs. Sharpening your powers of observation can heighten your memory and pave the way for better insights when your business is put to the test.

Investing in your mental agility is important if you want your business acumen to grow. If you commit to regularly nurturing your mind, it's sure to pay off in long-term entrepreneurial success.



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