How to revitalise your team in a day

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Boosting employee morale

Technology might make you more efficient and marketing might raise your profile but a happy, motivated workforce will take your business from good to great.

It’s no secret that driven, passionate employees are more interested in going the extra mile for your business. They also tend to be highly productive, a quality that bodes well for profitability and client satisfaction and sets the stage for exemplary customer relationships. When it comes to employee happiness, it doesn’t hurt to take cues from Zappos. The US online footwear retailer built its billion-dollar empire on the idea that an inspired, happy staff base can work wonders for your brand. Although Zappos offers perks such as free food and a company motivational coach, it also owes its success to its regular roster of team-building activities – everything from bicycle relays and scavenger hunts to karaoke and flash mobs. 

A little closer to home, online events marketplace Jedo is equally passionate about the relationship between happy, motivated employees and business success. Jedo’s founder and CEO Annaliese Ur quhuart believes that for staff to be motivated to succeed, they need to clearly understand their role and the value they offer the business. She also thinks that engaging staff in strategy development and problem solving is critical for maintaining motivation levels.

“Businesses should make the effort to understand what motivates team members and what they want to achieve for themselves,” she says.

“Make sure you involve your team in building the vision and strategy for the business and keep them updated as to the overall progress.”

If Urquhuart had a day to motivate her team, she would make sure that she asked each person to define what their contribution would be and ask them to paint a picture of what success looks like when it comes to the business.


She also says that celebrating success is key to recharging your team and keeping  spirits high.

“Recognise and celebrate individual performances and acknowledge staff when they achieve milestones,” she says.


Here are our top three ideas for revitalising your team in just one day.

Get active 

Getting your team out of their cubicles is the perfect way to inspire camaraderie and creativity and engage with each other. Why don’t you try sparking a little friendly competition with an afternoon of football followed by a barbecue? Or if your employees are a little more athletically challenged, a day of virtual golf, indoor bowling or paintball are great ways to resuscitate employees’ sinking team spirits.

Inspiration equals motivation

For staff to become motivated, they must first be personally invested in the business. Giving them the chance to brainstorm ideas, voice them and watch them flourish is a powerful way to do this. Whisk your staff away from your traditional office setting, give them a few hours to think about the best ideas for business improvement and then reward them with a big lunch and an afternoon of fun. Then watch them put these ideas into motion and admire the results.

Give back

Sponsor your employees’ participation in a fun run or charity relay, invite the rest of the team to attend and finish the day on a high note with a celebratory dinner. This is a great way to give back to the community, strengthen your team dynamic and foster friendship and support.

Motivating your employees isn’t rocket science – just invest a little time, energy and imagination and you can get your team on the right track in just 24 hours.

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