8 Social Media lessons small business owners can learn from Crowded House

in Marketing by Mahei Foliaki
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Social media lessons

Cast your mind back to the 80s – the first CD player was sold in Japan, Michael Jackson’s megahit album Thriller stormed the charts and a wobbly, crinkled-skin, big-eyed alien called E.T ruled the cinemas. Social media was something media companies did on a Friday evening and the online world of social networking was light-years away in our minds.

Crowded House also came together in the 80s. Like many great musical artists, they were able to arrange a group of notes and lyrics that were emotionally connected and got tattooed on our minds.

There’s a lot that businesses can learn from a band like Crowded House due to the fickle nature of the music industry. Their approach to the industry, if replicated across social media, can lead to great social success.

8 lessons from Crowded House that we can apply to social media

  1. Through passion and tenacity about what you do, people will recognise and identify with you.

  2. Stay true to your roots. If there was ever a way to be unlike any other (i.e. your competitors), do it. Look to develop your own brand and enhance your own flavour, your own distinctive personality, so that people know you for you and not anyone else.

  3. Be consistent and strike a chord. Producing and sharing great content about your business will have your audience coming back for more. More importantly, they’ll send their friends and family your way too.

  4. Always continue to improve your social media presence. The great thing about a successful band is that despite what the future will hold for them, they will keep producing great music and evolve their performance. Keep improving the content as well as the packaging of your message.

  5. Experiment. In order to be successful online, you must always experiment to find your ‘sweet spot’ in the minds of your audience. Know what, how and when to deliver your messages.

  6. Develop an amazing hook. If there was one thing you wanted your business to be known for what would it be? Keep it short, sharp and memorable.

  7. Be amazing. People like amazing people. Be a better version of amazing by providing solutions to people’s problems even when the queries aren’t industry related.

  8. Create the memorable experience. How you look, how your business looks, how your business makes people feel, matters. You don’t have to create the big show but you can do small things that people remember i.e. a smile :), a compliment, remembering people’s names and thanking people for their help and support.

… and, like Neil Finn sang in Don’t Dream It’s Over, despite the obstacles of business, perseverance will reward you.

Watch the video for a bit of Crowded House nostalgia:

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Mahei Foliaki is Co-Founder of iconic88 Media and a communications and marketing strategist who has been an advocate for global social good causes alongside Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. He's consulted with Mark Burnett Productions (USA), ARD (Germany) and Co-founder of Iconic88 Media.

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