Big marketing campaigns of 2012: What can small business owners learn?

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Greatest marketing campaigns

In case you hadn’t noticed, 2012 was a year of fantastic marketing campaigns. From viral videos to innovative Facebook promotions and outrageous stunts, no one can deny that big marketers weren’t incredibly creative over the past year.

To mark the beginning of a new year, here’s a brief rundown of some of the best big marketing campaigns of 2012. From interactive and fun to downright wacky, these campaigns highlight creative and out-of-the-box approaches that businesses of all sizes can draw inspiration from in the year ahead.

IKEA’s Paris metro apartments

No stranger to unusual and off-the-wall promotions, IKEA did it again with their metro apartment campaign. To showcase how well IKEA furniture fits in small spaces, the company installed five tiny apartments in the middle of a busy Paris subway station. The apartments were inhabited by volunteers who lived in them for a week, showcasing to passersby how effectively the furniture fits into cramped spaces.

It’s an ingenious campaign that draws upon human curiosity, while targeting potential customers in a busy urban setting.

Coca-Cola’s Zero video puzzle campaign

How do you get TV viewers to willingly, even eagerly, watch the same ad over and over again? By filling the video ad with clues for a Facebook puzzle, of course. By providing the only clues to  Coca-Cola’s Zero video puzzle in the TV ad, participants in the campaign watched the video an average of 23 times, while Coca-Cola doubled their likes in the process.

This promotion is a great example of an advertiser combining traditional advertising with social media to create long-lasting impressions and high recall in the minds of consumers.

Domino’s Think Oven App

After dealing with a barrage of customer complaints, Domino’s did more than just apologise. They created their own Think Oven Facebook app – a collection of tools designed to gather submissions and ideas from customers about how to do things better. So far, the app has generated thousands of customer ideas and, in return, Domino’s has given cash prizes to some of the top submissions.

The app is a great example of how to leverage social media to create a two-way communication process that not only gives your customers a voice, but the opportunity to improve your brand in the process.

Kotex personalised gift boxes

As part of its Inspiration Day campaign, Kotex sent out images of personalised gift boxes to 50 women on Pinterest. The items in the boxes were selected based on customers’ Pinterest profiles. In order to claim the gift boxes, customers simply had to repin the image to their profile. The campaign was a big hit, with women posting about the campaign across various media channels, resulting in a total of 700,000 impressions.

This campaign illustrates how going for a personal touch with social media is a highly effective way to create buzz around your product or brand.

As these marketing campaigns demonstrate, creating a sensation with customers can be accomplished with a variety of both high and low-tech marketing techniques. But what made these campaigns such a hit is their focus on human curiosity and plain old fun, which will always hold universal appeal, no matter what your target market may be.

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