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When the time comes to launch a new product, rebrand yourself or tap into a new market, will you utilise the resources you already have or outsource the project entirely? Who can you trust to best represent your brand?

FOR: Contain all marketing and advertising projects in-house

      “Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”

-           Mark Twain

Keeping your marketing and advertising activities in house has four major benefits:

  1. Strategies can be rolled out quickly

  2. You can come up with an idea, brief your team and be up and running with a new project within a day. It is very rewarding to be able to move forward quickly and with direction, with no waiting around for a marketing agency to approve your vision. 

  3. You are in complete control of the person managing your campaign

  4. You can choose to appoint an existing staff member as the project manager – someone who knows the culture of the business and has demonstrated they can be trusted to run with the project. You likely have the right personality on board already, so make use of your existing resources.

  5. You keep a rein on productivity and budget

  6. You have a firm view of how your brand should be promoted, so you can brief your staff member, set a budget and timeframe, and ensure they report their progress in weekly instalments. This way, there will be no budget blowouts and no waiting for ad agencies to come up with strategies. 

  7. You can change direction easily

  8. If, after a period of time, the anticipated results do not materialise, set some new parameters or hand the project over to another staff member to share your thoughts and discuss the outcomes. Even though you may have lost a bit of time, you haven’t spent funds on outsourcing and can be nimble and change your approach to something more successful.  

AGAINST: Outsource your advertising and marketing for a fresh perspective

“Ideas can be life changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one more good idea.”

-       Jim Rohn

There are so many advantages to keeping a project in-house, but is it the right choice? Here are four other thoughts to consider:

  1. Are you too much in control?

  2. Considering it might be a venture into new markets with new messages, are you too close to the hub of the business to brief your staff correctly? Is a trusted staff member the right choice to take on the marketing project? Outsourcing your marketing means you can tap into different viewpoints. That resource could bring more choices and fresh ideas that have been proven to work elsewhere.

  3. Can you be objective?

  4. Choosing someone in-house can be the expedient and safer option. However, do they have any marketing/advertising background? An outsourcer will open up your mind to different strategies and triggers with which to approach your target market. They bring a critical eye to the table – something you and your employees may not be able to do at this point.


  5. Productivity vs. cost-effectiveness

  6. There is always the potential for outsourcing to be unsuccessful. However, a consultant may be able to find the right message that triggers the interest of your target market in a way you never thought of before. Furthermore, the staff member you were planning to assign to the task is able to be productive in their own field over the same timeline.


  7. Outsourcing is a constant

  8. As they are not a permanent staff member, and instead hired on a temporary basis, an external consultant will be committed to your business. There is also regularity when working with a marketing consultant, as they will manage the project from beginning to end. They can keep your team updated on any changes to the business’s marketing direction, while permanent staff remains focused on their own tasks.

    Whatever your brand, it is up to you to ensure that your thoughts are communicated clearly before allowing someone – whether outsourced or in-house – to add their imaginative flair. This way, your marketing strategy will complement your business precisely the way you intended..


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Listed among 20 Australian entrepreneurial women in 2011, Sherryn McBride is a freelance marketer, workshop trainer and ebook writer. Her knowledge is drawn from 25 years managing state branches for national corporations before hanging out her shingle Marketing Talk to work with SMEs

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