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Over the month of November, the Shop Small Australia campaign highlighted the strengths and benefits of small business and why it’s important to shop small. Much of the buzz surrounding the Shop Small movement can be found on Twitter. We looked at the #ShopSmallAU hashtag to see what Twitter users were saying about shopping small.

Real leaders

Community leaders and local councils know as well as anyone how important small business is to our economy. The Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Anthony Albanese, recorded a video to show his support for Shop Small Australia:

Anthony Albanese

(@AlboMP) 19 Nov 13

Just recorded a video supporting #ShopSmallAU - local jobs building local communities

We even saw an encouraging tweet from the City of Perth:

City of Perth

(@CityofPerth) 19 Nov 13

Shop Small in November to show support for your community during Shop Small #ShopSmallAU

When Shop Small Ambassador Kylie Kwong makes a food recommendation, you know it’s a good bet. On Twitter last month, Kylie touted The Bread & Butter Project bakery in Sydney as one of her favourite food-related small businesses:

Kylie Kwong

(@kwongkylie) 17 Nov 13

Another fave #ShopSmallAU small business - the inspired @bandbproject !!! Support ur local #ShopSmallAU today!

It was heartening to see support for Australian small businesses from Karen Stocks, managing director of Twitter Australia:

Karen Stocks

(@KazStocks) 20 Nov 13

I’ve taken the pledge to Shop Small in COFFS HARBOUR. Find out more at #ShopSmallAU

Real advice

A lot of the information uncovered during the Shop Small Australia campaign points to having an online presence of some kind, be it a website, any of the social media channels available to us, or a combination.

At a recent ShopSmallAU summit, industry spokespeople gave their advice on how to succeed in today’s tough market. According to Angela Vithoulkas’ tweet (21 Nov 13), NetRegistry’s managing director, Sam Shetty, saidemail marketing is still relevant and a legitimate tool to get customers to talk to them.

Shetty also gave advice on one of the simplest functionality issues small businesses can overlook:

Eagle Waves Radio

(@EagleWaves) 21 Nov 13

Check that your telephone number works on your mobile website on a mobile device ... I had never thought of that! #ShopSmallAU Sam Shetty

Nick Bowditch, a social engagement specialist for small business who also works for Facebook, advises small business owners on how to get customers to embrace their businesses:

Adrianne Nixon

(‏@agenixon) 21 Nov 13

Tell your story and be authentic on Facebook and customers will embrace you #ShopSmallAU@nickbowditch

Real facts

Small business owners take note of these hard-hitting facts tweeted by Sydney-based client management specialist, Adrianne Nixon:

Adrianne Nixon

(@agenixon) 21 Nov 13

93% of buying cycles start with online research. #ShopSmallAU

Adrianne Nixon

(@agenixon) 21 Nov 13

38% of small businesses have a website, 33% use social media & 50% have no online presence! #ShopSmallAU

Adrianne Nixon

(@agenixon) 21 Nov 13

If you have a social presence your business is 50% more likely to gain revenue and 74% more likely to have a strong pipeline. #ShopSmallAU

These figures further reinforce the need for small businesses to have an online presence. They tell us that most customers who walk through the door or pick up the phone have already done some online research. Why shouldn’t they when 79 per cent of smartphone users have their phones for all but two hours of their waking day? (21 Nov 13) The figures also tell us that an online presence is vital in order for small businesses to grow and be accessible.

Real people

Best of all, it has been great to hear from real people, both customers and business owners, sharing their passion for small business. Keith Tan highlights what he gets out of supporting his local green grocer:

Keith Tan

(@hkeithtan) 22 Nov 13

Supporting my local green grocer - the freshest fruit, vegies & tastiest free range eggs at Rode Fresh.

A keen Twitter user, and American Express employee, who goes by the name of Lucky shared his love of Korean food at a new restaurant in Sydney’s Croydon. Lucky is one of the many clued-in customers out there who tag their presence on Foursquare, the location-based social network:


(@cyberlucky) 22 Nov 13

Our newest favourite Korean Restaurant #ShopSmallAU (@ Wagyu House)

Small business owner Matt Cheesmantweeted (Nov 22) about his small business and gave some great advice:Customers don’t just want to be sold to, they want knowledgeable staff, customer service that’s second to none, they want to be educated and, above all, they want a tailored customer experience.

In his video, Matt backed the data on having an online presence by saying it’s the future of shopping. He said that having an online presence puts the product at the customer’s fingertips by giving business owners the opportunity to do the research on their behalf.

Tweets were edited for consistency.

This article represents the views of the author only and not those of American Express.

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