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Startups, rock bands and the next big thing

in Growing by Jeff Pulver

These days, whenever I meet a new startup, I treat it like a rock band. Not only because I believe startups are rock stars, but because I have learned – from my experience as the owner of an indie record label and as an early-stage investor – that there are a lot of similarities between the two...

Get inside the mind of online shoppers

in Growing by Jonathan Crossfield

Online shoppers aren't that different to offline shoppers, really. The same broad behaviours apply, whether buying from a website or a high-street store. So while it's tempting to think only in terms of total traffic, repeat visits and shopping cart conversions, E-commerce is about more than numbers on a spreadsheet. Data is important, but the insights from that data are far more valuable...

Does your business need bigger premises?

in Growing by Adeline Teoh

As your business grows, you need to consider how to use the resources you have: do you stretch them or do you upgrade? One decision not to be taken lightly is whether to move into bigger premises. Here are some considerations to make before you move...

Is it time to restructure your small business?

in Growing by Nigel Bowen

A restructure is an activity most commonly associated with major corporations, however, small businesses face exactly the same economic imperatives and have just as much need to periodically shake things up to stay competitive...

Creating partnerships with the Goliaths of your industry

in Growing by Jack Delosa

Size matters – yet the majority of business owners have an ineffective strategy for getting big. Approaching a growth strategy on your own, without leveraging through large organisations, is one of the quickest ways to ensure you remain small...

Differentiation: How to create a platform for business success

in Growing by Graham Hardy

With more than 2.1 million small businesses in Australia, there is a strong chance that you are doing the same or similar things as many other business owners. In the process you will face similar challenges when delivering customer value and making a profit, which is why so many businesses end up making the same business decisions as their competitors in the quest for survival and growth...

The four focus points of great entrepreneurs

in Growing by Jack Delosa

As a business owner, it’s incredibly easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day tasks. However, this short-term view leaves us simply running a business rather than growing it...

Future-proofing tactics: How small businesses plan to stay agile

in Growing by Nigel Bowen

There are a variety of reasons a shockingly high percentage of businesses never make it to the five-year mark, but one of the major causes is a failure to prepare for the future...

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How many hours do you work on your business each week?

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Poll Results

How many hours do you work on your business each week?

20-30: 18%
30-40: 18%
40-50: 23%
50-60: 41%