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Telecommuting: The living room office

in Managing by Neha Kale

As anyone who has motivated a team into success knows, effective management tactics must incorporate both praise and criticism. For many small business owners who work closely with their team, striking a balance between friend and boss, colleague and authoritarian can be a difficult task...

Nine ways to instantly strengthen your brain

in Lifestyle by Mike Michalowicz

Even though the brain is an organ, rather than a muscle, you can still give your brain a workout. Just as with a muscle, repetitive tasks can dull or even damage your mental acuity, while new challenges and activities can strengthen your brain and even make you measurably smarter. Get ready for your workout!...

Smooth work-home transitions for a stress-free existence

in Lifestyle by Helen St John

“In work, do what you enjoy. In family life, be completely present,” urged the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.1. It seems that even 2500 years ago, workers were being encouraged to achieve a positive work-life balance. But how many of us are really able to leave work in the office come the end of the day?...

Solving the Work-Life Puzzle

in Lifestyle by Royale Scuderi

Work-life balance is often portrayed as a set of scales tipping to one side or another, but the reality is that our lives are made up of far more than two halves of a scale, one side measured against the other. Our lives are more like a puzzle with many different pieces...

How to nail a keynote speech

in Lifestyle by Helen MacDougall

What are the characteristics of a memorable speech? Is it the words themselves, their meaning or the delivery? Most importantly, what can you do to ensure your message is heard loud and clear?...

How to manage stress: A business owner's guide

in Lifestyle by Nick Petrovic

There are five major indicators that stress is affecting your business life. As an owner, how can you effectively manage them?...

Does Australia have the work-life balance right?

in Lifestyle by Peter Wood

The face of the Australian workplace is changing, with work-life balance now a defining influence for where people want to be employed. But with factors such as more electronic connections to the workplace meaning longer hours, are Australians getting the balance right?...

Combating fear and self-doubt: Proactive tips for small business owners

in Lifestyle by Nick Petrovic

Fear and self-doubt are common elements in any burgeoning business. However, owners must learn how to manage these difficult yet inevitable stressors in order to succeed....

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Poll Results

How many hours do you work on your business each week?

  • 20-30
  • 30-40
  • 40-50
  • 50-60

Poll Results

How many hours do you work on your business each week?

20-30: 18%
30-40: 18%
40-50: 23%
50-60: 41%